3 thoughts on “Sermon AM 2.12.17 – Truly, I Say To You, Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise (Caleb Colley)

  1. Gary W. Jones Reply

    Thank you for replying. I have been reading Minister Bob Williams, of Rose Hill Church of Christ (in Columbus, Ga) on his “Bible Lessons,” on the internet. In his lessons he says the same thing that you said about the thief on the cross. I had always taken it that this was an extreme example of someone who couldn’t be baptized because of impossibility.
    Through many years of study I now believe in everything the Church of Christ teaches with my only “hang-up,” if you will, is what happens to the person who repents and accepts Christ, then, for whatever, reason cannot be baptized. There is something in the NT about baptizing for the dead but I don’t think that is acceptable. And even though I have always believed in baptism by immersion because the greek word mean “to immerse,” that is why I was wondering if baptism by sprinkling or pouring might be acceptable in, say, a death bed conversion. Again, thank you for the time to answer my question.

  2. Gary W. Jones Reply

    Pastor Colley:
    Excellent sermon. I was saved in the Baptist Church when I was 9 and baptized the same day. Our small church baptized always at night because it took the afternoon to fill the baptismal pit with a garden hose. Later in life I became a Presbyterian, even a deacon in their church, but left because I realized Calvinism or their TULIP theology is contrary to the teaching of the Apostles. I am Baptist again but am distressed as Calvinism is infiltrating Southern Baptist Churches.
    With regard to Baptism (immersion), I believe it is absolutely necessary for membership and I believe that all believers should be baptized; but I am wondering about situations where baptism cannot be effected, due to circumstances. I can give several examples; but what do you say about a deathbed confession–someone in the hospital, on his or her back, unable to move (and certainly unable to be immersed) who, after a life of denial, suddenly accepts Jesus as their savior and confesses so and repents of their sin, and then dies without being baptized?

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      Hello Gary, thank you for the comment. (I am not a pastor, since pastors are the New Testament elders and must meet the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7; see also the discussion of Paul with the elders/pastors/bishops, all the same group, in Acts 20.) As to your question: I can say only what the Bible teaches, i.e., that immersion for the remission of sins is necessary for salvation (as you have heard in the lesson). The Bible plan of salvation offers hope to those who sins have been washed away at the point of baptism (Acts 2:38; 22:16; Romans 6:1-6; Galatians 3:27). Please advise if I can help further. I would be happy to study the Bible with you personally–you may email me at [email protected]. Thank you again!

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