New Minister at Macland Road church of Christ

As we wish Rebekah and Caleb Colley success in spreading God’s word with their new congregation in Jacksonville, FL, we would like to introduce you to the new Minister at Macland Road church of Christ – Barry Gilreath.  Barry will begin ministering and worshipping with us beginning October 2017.

Barry Gilreath was born and raised in the hills of northwest Georgia. The son of a minister, Barry became a Christian at the age of 12. After high school, Barry went on to receive his education from Memphis School of Preaching and Amridge University.

At age 22, Barry married Christi, his high school sweetheart. Together, God has blessed this couple with two high-spirited children: Aubrey and Blake.

In service to Christ and his church, Barry has previously ministered in churches of Christ in Dalton, GA, Marion, AR, and Panama City Beach, FL. In October 2017, Barry is set to begin his work at Macland Road where he hopes to bring glory and honor to God in the greater Atlanta area for years to come.

Please come and join us in welcoming Barry, Christi and family at Macland Road church of Christ.


2 thoughts on “New Minister at Macland Road church of Christ

  1. Sandra Hunter Reply

    My mother is in Brookdale on powder springs and is in need of an outside church and church family. She is of sound mind and mobile with just a walker . I do not live in the area so I’d like to see if there would be a way to get her there once or twice a month. She has been very discoraged in her surroundings and I think this would lift her spirits .

    • Barry Gilreath Reply

      Sandra, could you please call us so we could make arrangements?
      – Barry

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