Macland’s Progress: Wednesday Morning Bible Class

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One of my favorite times of each week is ten o’clock on Wednesday mornings, when I meet for an hour of Bible study and coffee with a group of Christians who come hungry for the Word of God. The kind of study in which we engage is too infrequently done nowadays. It’s a verse-by-verse exposition and application of the text. In this case, our text is the book of Genesis. We think carefully about every verse and even focus on particular words and phrases. It’s a structured roundtable discussion, so anyone can ask any question about the text or make any comment about what the text teaches us today.

The environment is very friendly and yet focused. We open with a prayer especially designed to help those who are struggling, and then we delve into the text. We move slowly, drinking in the details. When we meet this coming Wednesday, March 4th, we will be studying from Genesis 27:5-10. If you have been meaning to do better about Bible study, then participating in our Wednesday morning class would be a great start. The account of Jacob and Esau is one of the most intriguing in all of the Bible.

It’s also important to study Genesis, for if one lacks an understanding of the book of Genesis, much of the rest of the Bible will not make sense. Have you considered the lessons available from the lives of those living in the patriarchal age of biblical history? A few of the themes we have explored in our discussion of Genesis are:

  • The role of angels.
  • Covenants between God and men.
  • Godly parent/child relationships.
  • Servanthood in the life of a follower of God.
  • Marriage and inheritance practices.
  • Providence in the lives of God’s servants.
  • The biblical approach to meditation.
  • God’s attitude toward disadvantaged groups.
  • Honesty and lying.
  • God’s lordship over nations.

Someone once said that the Bible is full of “dry-as-dust discourse” (Dennis McKinsey, The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy, p. 71). But our students in the Wednesday morning class are learning that such a remark coveys the farthest thing from the truth. Why not join us this coming Wednesday? Smiling faces will greet you.

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