Why I Love Vacation Bible School


It’s almost Vacation Bible School at Macland Road—an exciting time! A good theme verse for any VBS would be 2 Timothy 3:15: “[F]rom childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

The Barna Group reported in 2013 that 68% of churches in America were using Vacation Bible School. But among all the schools that churches will hold this summer, Macland’s VBS will be largely unique in that it will expose participants to evidence for the inspiration of the Bible. We pray this evidence will lead participants and their relatives to return to Macland Road, study the Bible throughout their lives, and obey the gospel.

I am now reflecting on why I so loved VBS as a child, and why I am eager to work in VBS again this year. Here are four:

  • I loved VBS as a child because it brought me closer to my adult mentors in the church. As a kid I was both surprised and delighted to see faithful elders, teachers, preachers, and deacons dress up as Pharaoh, one of the apostles, or King Xerxes and sing with gusto fun songs to help kids learn the Bible. I felt I could easily open up and readily relate to folks who were this fun-loving! I could laugh with them and, more important, learn from them.
  • I loved VBS as a child because it enhanced my joy in discovery. I had joy every time I opened my lesson book or worked on a Bible-related craft and discovered a Bible truth that I never had heard before, or had heard but not yet understood.
  • I loved VBS as a child because at VBS I met wonderful, new friends from area congregations and neighborhoods. Smiling, unfamiliar faces abounded.
  • I loved VBS as a child because it showed me that happy Christians are working Christians. I never saw conflict among the adults during VBS. Rather, they all seemed so happy as they cooperated in the Lord’s work.

Won’t you join us at VBS this coming weekend? Here are three ways every adult at Macland Road can be involved: (1) Bring the children of neighbors and friends. (2) Attend the adult classes. (3) Ask our VBS director, Jim Ingerson, if he could use your help in making this special event a success.

See you at VBS!

About Barry Gilreath

Barry is the pulpit minister of the Macland Road Church of Christ.

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