The intent of the links listed are to provide you with useful resources. These links are sponsored by churches of Christ.  Macland Road church of Christ, though, does not have any control of any content within these links.

Apologetics Press:
Apologetics Press offers books, tracts, tapes, and monthly journals on Christian evidences.

Georgia School of Preaching:
The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies is a non-profit, educational institution sponsored by, and affiliated with, churches of Christ in Georgia.

International Gospel Hour:
Broadcasting the Gospel since 1934. The International Gospel Hour (with speaker Brother Winford Claiborne) may be heard in every county of the continental United States at least once per week.

World Bible School:
Free Bible courses.

In Search of the Lord’s Way:
Television program information

Fishers of Men Ministry:
A twelve-week course of specialized training in person-to-person evangelism.
Investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues.

The Old Paths Archive:
A depository of religious articles, sermons, poems, books, theses and music written by members of the churches of Christ.