From the Shepherds (4/27)

We hope all of you are doing well today and looking forward to gathering to worship again soon. The elders want to thank Barry and Josh for helping each of us to worship online in our homes during this time of separation. Also, to those behind the scenes and those who participated. Thanks to Beth Sa’idd for conducting online classes for all in the fifth grade and below. Last but definitely not least of all, thank you for your patience and commitment to work of the church during this time.

On Thursday of last week, Gary, Barry and I met to discuss our plan to gather again at the building for worshipping our heavenly Father on the first day of the week as a family.

Due to the relaxing of governing regulations and also hearing from several of you that you are ready to be together again to worship, our morning worship period at the Macland Road church of Christ will resume on Sunday, May 3, at 10:30 a.m. The other periods of bible study will resume at a later date.

We strongly encourage anyone feeling sick, especially if you have a fever or other symptoms to please continue to quarantine.

As we resume our worship periods we will need to adhere to social distancing.

The main exterior doors on both sides of the building into the lobby and all interior doors into the auditorium will be propped open before you arrive. They will be opened again at the conclusion of our worship period for your safety and convenience.

Seating in the auditorium will include spacing. The pews with the blue tape on the end of the pews will need to be left vacant.

If needed, the balcony can be used depending upon the number in attendance.

Communion items, the bread and fruit of the vine, will be passed out in the lobby as you arrive before entering the auditorium and before worship time begins. Brethren will be available to collect trash from the communion items and for the collection of contribution at the proper times.

We know that some of you may not feel comfortable in gathering at this time and we understand. You are encouraged to continue worship online if you do not come to services.

It is our prayer that we all continue to trust and look to our Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ for the guidance in our life and the saving of our souls. We need to be thankful for His Word and for the blessing of being able to follow His will in all that we say and do. May His will be done.