New Minister at Macland Road church of Christ

As we wish Rebekah and Caleb Colley success in spreading God’s word with their new congregation in Jacksonville, FL, we would like to introduce you to the new Minister at Macland Road church of Christ – Barry Gilreath.  Barry will begin ministering and worshipping with us beginning October 2017. Barry Gilreath was born and raised in […]

Is Your Faith Just a Verbal Commitment?

Special Guest Writer, Patrick Morrison It will come as no surprise to most who know me when I say that I am a sports fan. Especially is this true in regard to high school and collegiate athletics. There is something about sports at these levels that is far more appealing (at least to me) than […]

Unity in the Jerusalem Church

J.W. McGarvey was a great gospel preacher in the American Restoration Movement, which we continue today. (Those of us in the Restoration Movement are interested in restoring primitive, New Testament Christianity. Thus, we seek to restore the primitive, apostolic church, about which we read in the New Testament.) In 1893, McGarvey preached a sermon entitled, […]

The Significance of Jesus’ Bodily Resurrection

Christianity is a historical religion in the strongest sense. Christianity not only occurred a historical phenomenon in the first century, but also certain historical events form the bases for Christian belief (e.g., the creation week of Genesis, the virgin birth, the execution of Christ, the verbal inspiration of the first-century prophets who wrote the original […]

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