How G.C. Brewer Won a Horse and Buggy

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Six Worthy New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions ought to be both worthy and … [Continue Reading]

Welcome to Macland Road

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Mike Pence’s Rule

Vice President Mike Pence has the following … [Continue Reading]

The Collection

Christians give of their means every first day of … [Continue Reading]

VBS Registration Open (July 15 – 17)

VBS 2016 - You are invited to join us for a … [Continue Reading]

What Fires are Burning in Your Life?

The Bible uses the symbol of fire variously. As we … [Continue Reading]

Tools for Today: The Christian Courier Web Site

From time to time, I use this column to discuss … [Continue Reading]

The Bible and the Death Penalty

In the recent election, citizens of three … [Continue Reading]

The Prom and the Bible

I hear that in some places, proms are losing … [Continue Reading]

Which Came First: Mother, or Baby?

Those who believe in the Darwinian theory of … [Continue Reading]

What Will Make Me Happy?

Everybody wants to be happy. The question is, … [Continue Reading]

Facts, Islam, and Schools

Christian parents know that they must be vigilant … [Continue Reading]

God Works Through Friends

The Bible abundantly teaches that God blesses … [Continue Reading]

Children Need a Father

In recent years, as The New York Times has … [Continue Reading]

Things Like These

A sin is a transgression of God’s law. “Everyone … [Continue Reading]

Theresa and Sainthood

The woman popularly known as “Mother Theresa” died … [Continue Reading]

What to Give Your Children This Christmas

Jesus once told a story about a rich man, whose … [Continue Reading]

Five Great Lessons from the Book of Ezra

The late gospel preacher Frank Dunn, in his book … [Continue Reading]

Watch Out for Anger

Anger is not inherently sinful. Observe that God … [Continue Reading]

The God of Feathers

by Ken Dahlstrom, Planner, Lockheed … [Continue Reading]

A Camera of the Soul

Digital photography has made taking and storing … [Continue Reading]

The Dividing Line Over Prayer

In the wake of recent, horrendous, mass killings, … [Continue Reading]

Let Us Respect the Word of God

At the end of May, a new Bible was published. It … [Continue Reading]

Something More than Christians?

Sometimes people will ask, “What are you, … [Continue Reading]

MTD, the Whatever Religion

You may be asking, “What is MTD?” MTD stands for … [Continue Reading]

Is the Pope Humble?

The Roman Catholic Pope, Francis, is in America … [Continue Reading]

Is Marriage Still Important?

As our society continues to become more secular, … [Continue Reading]

Good Results from Bad Events

God’s promise to His children is that He will make … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Search Begins for a Youth and Family Minister

These are exciting times at Macland Road for many … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Important Opportunities Ahead!

These are exciting times in the Macland Road … [Continue Reading]

Who Was in the Fiery Furnace?

We find in Daniel chapter 3 one of the Bible’s … [Continue Reading]

Not About Trophies

APRIL 10, 2015 BY CINDY COLLEY What if I … [Continue Reading]

Ostriches, Evidence for Nature’s Designer

By Jimmy Traylor, special guest writer. Brother … [Continue Reading]

Lot’s Choice

We are familiar with Lot’s decision to move to the … [Continue Reading]

Where Did Evil Come From?

Prior to God’s creation of other things, nothing … [Continue Reading]

Are You “An Animal of No Significance”?

If you were to open the pages of Yuval Noah … [Continue Reading]

The Chimps’ Day in Court

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that … [Continue Reading]

Some Things God Wants Us to Learn from Athletics

One of the apostle Paul’s favorite metaphors is … [Continue Reading]

Why I Love Vacation Bible School

It’s almost Vacation Bible School at Macland … [Continue Reading]

Going to Be With the Lord

The Bible does not answer our every curiosity … [Continue Reading]

When God No Longer Remembers, We No Longer Remember

Sometimes we forget things. (Hopefully most of the … [Continue Reading]

The Abandoned Father

It is tragic when children abandon their adult … [Continue Reading]

The Apostle John on “Him Who is From the Beginning”

Twice in 1 John 2, the apostle tells his readers … [Continue Reading]

God Appreciates Workers

Just before Labor Day, The Wall Street Journal … [Continue Reading]

Mudskippers Teach Us about God’s Design

The animal kingdom is full of astounding examples … [Continue Reading]

Keeping One Another Strong in the Lord

None of us is alone as a Christian. Each of us is … [Continue Reading]

Special Debate Broadcast Upcoming

At Macland Road, we emphasize Bible learning so … [Continue Reading]

An Outdated Constitution

Imagine that anthropologists discovered a … [Continue Reading]

Temporal Stewardship

We sometimes sing a song with the following … [Continue Reading]

Truths to Remember Amidst Transgender Controversy

Astonishing confusion has arisen in our culture … [Continue Reading]

Is it Possible to Love the Sinner and Hate His Sin?

The answer is yes. I have heard it said that it is … [Continue Reading]

The Real Solution to Gun Violence

In the wake of the recent shooting at Umpqua … [Continue Reading]

There’s a Movement Coming

Recently, the Fourth Avenue Church of Christ, in … [Continue Reading]

God is Not Mocked

Does anyone really try to mock, ridicule, or sneer … [Continue Reading]

The Kingdom of God, Progressively Revealed

The kingdom of God is a major theme in the Bible. … [Continue Reading]

Mending the Pants

I love the story of the two women sitting together … [Continue Reading]

What If Apollos Had Said…

The Alexandrian saint named Apollos is a great … [Continue Reading]

The Kingdom in the Model Prayer

I have paragraph headings in my Bible, and the … [Continue Reading]

Lads to Leaders “L2L”

Preparation for L2L Convention is in full swing. … [Continue Reading]

“… But not on Sunday night”

Some Christians are unable to attend every … [Continue Reading]

Things to Remember about Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner, the former U.S. Olympic track … [Continue Reading]

The Leper’s Prayer

When we study the prayers of the Bible, we learn … [Continue Reading]

Live Streaming – UPDATED

Our Live Streaming service has been restored. We … [Continue Reading]

What If I Don’t Feel Like Loving My Enemy?

Jesus commanded that we love our neighbors, and … [Continue Reading]

Revolt in Israel

Numbers 16 and 17 are fascinating chapters. Korah, … [Continue Reading]

The Door was Shut

If you are not right with God, those of us at … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Greater Biblical Literacy in 2016

One of the goals of every Christian is to become … [Continue Reading]

A Husband’s Eulogy for His Wife

Monty Williams is a former NBA basketball player … [Continue Reading]

Why American Medical Schools are Reluctant to Train Abortionists

It is tempting for Christians to think that the … [Continue Reading]

The Golden Rule and Abortion

Because we currently are in a national election … [Continue Reading]

The Devil’s Entertainment

Americans spend more money on the lottery than on … [Continue Reading]

Not All of Life is Worship

Worshiping God is a high privilege and joy. … [Continue Reading]

The Bible Versus Seventh-day Adventism

One of the leading candidates for President of the … [Continue Reading]

Saved “Like the Thief on the Cross”?

The Bible decisively teaches that, in the … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Wednesday Morning Bible Class

One of my favorite times of each week is ten … [Continue Reading]

God’s Election

This past week, the United States of America held … [Continue Reading]

Jamaica 2015

By Doug Hamilton, special guest writer Brother … [Continue Reading]

Overcoming Worry

Jesus commands His disciples not to worry (Matthew … [Continue Reading]

Watergate and Evidence for Christ’s Resurrection

Skeptics of Christianity must somehow explain the … [Continue Reading]

The Three Divine Institutions

God created Adam and has continued to create … [Continue Reading]

Are You In or Out?

It is an incomparably weighty matter to be either … [Continue Reading]

The Bible and Population Growth

For years there have been heated discussions about … [Continue Reading]

Young People Living Clean Lives

Psalms 119:9-16 gives the necessary steps for … [Continue Reading]

When a Pardoned Man Must Hang

In 1833, George Wilson was convicted of robbing a … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Mission Trip to Inner City Mobile

Twenty of our Macland Road family visited the … [Continue Reading]

Naaman and Us

The biblical account of Naaman, the commander of … [Continue Reading]

Why We Don’t Clap in Worship

If you watch television broadcasts of a few … [Continue Reading]

Not Merely By Chance

One night this week, Rebekah and I were watching a … [Continue Reading]

“In the days of Herod the king”

Bible study is enriched by knowing more about the … [Continue Reading]

A Tragic Anniversary, an Ongoing Holocaust

The word “holocaust” literally denotes a … [Continue Reading]

Ephesians and Colossians

Every book of the Bible is important, and we can … [Continue Reading]

God is Light

John wrote to first-century Christians: “This is … [Continue Reading]

The Life of a Flower

One of my favorite spiritual songs is called “As … [Continue Reading]

The Christian’s Confidence in Salvation

While we rightly stress the need to make … [Continue Reading]

The “Open Grave” of Hanover, Germany

In Hanover, Germany, there is the grave of … [Continue Reading]

Will Christ Return to Establish an Earthly Kingdom?

When our Brother G.C. Brewer published his book of … [Continue Reading]

Facts about the Church from Matthew 16:18

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I … [Continue Reading]

N.B. Hardeman on The Restoration Movement

The great restorationist preacher of the early … [Continue Reading]


Hypocrites are a particular breed of liars. They … [Continue Reading]

Selfishness and the Fear of Evangelism

Jesus said of the harvest of lost souls: “The … [Continue Reading]

Human Life Under Fire

In the Netherlands, euthanasia is a legal way for … [Continue Reading]

Running From Repentance

In a society that is increasingly secular, there … [Continue Reading]

Who Hindered You?

In football, “forward progress” is an important … [Continue Reading]

“I want God, but not organized religion!”

Sometimes a person will express the following … [Continue Reading]

Lads to Leaders and Spiritual Growth

A congregation that is close to my heart will be … [Continue Reading]

The Personal Character of Preachers

As our brother J.W. McGarvey noted in lectures he … [Continue Reading]

Where Did Christmas Come From?

Many of us especially enjoy the Christmas season, … [Continue Reading]

Adolf Eichmann and Personal Responsibility

From 1939 until the end of World War II, Adolf … [Continue Reading]

For God So Loved the World

“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: “Friends and Family Day”—April 2, 2017

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, Macland Road will host … [Continue Reading]

An Increase in “Nones,” and a Silver Lining

The religious landscape of America is growing … [Continue Reading]

Fundamental Truths about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

God created the institution of marriage (Genesis … [Continue Reading]

“Jesus is Lord,” a Controversial Phrase

Christians love to say and sing the words “Jesus … [Continue Reading]

The Perfect Mediator

One of the sweetest words in the Bible surely is … [Continue Reading]

Tools for Today: International Gospel Hour

The first commercial radio broadcast aired in … [Continue Reading]

The Virgin Birth and Isaiah 7:14

Sometimes it is suggested that the virgin birth of … [Continue Reading]

The Main Reason Why There is No Racial Supremacy

In the wake of the senseless killing of nine … [Continue Reading]

Purging Idolatry

In reading the Old Testament, one is struck by … [Continue Reading]

The Bible and Doping in Sports

In sports there is sometimes a desire to win at … [Continue Reading]

Unsearchable Riches

It is impossible to attach a value to the gospel … [Continue Reading]

Four Generations

From time to time we see a photograph that … [Continue Reading]

Roy “Wrong Way” Riegels

This week marks the end of the 2016 college … [Continue Reading]

A Tragic Blindness

We feel sorry for those who cannot see. They may … [Continue Reading]

Little Things

From time to time we may be tempted either to … [Continue Reading]

Macland’s Progress: Making Our Voices Heard

From time to time, there are opportunities for … [Continue Reading]

Is it Possible to Live with Atheism?

Many people who say that there is no God seem … [Continue Reading]

How to Have a Meager Thanksgiving

Most folks we know will enjoy a superb meal on … [Continue Reading]

Do Bible Topics Get Too Old?

Once in 1893, the great preacher and scholar, J.W. … [Continue Reading]

“Unless You See Signs and Wonders You Will Not Believe”

Every phrase from the lips of Jesus Christ is … [Continue Reading]

Unlocking the Mystery

The word “mystery” appears more than 20 times in … [Continue Reading]

Abiathar or Ahimelech?

The Bible is one unified whole which never … [Continue Reading]

Jesus Teaches Us about the Church

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I … [Continue Reading]

Paul, Barnabas, Zeus, and Hermes

When Barnabas and Saul went to Lystra on their … [Continue Reading]

Be a Self-Starter

When the apostle Peter summarized the earthly life … [Continue Reading]

The Latest from Macland Road

Mending the Pants

I love the story of the two women sitting together mending their husbands’ pants. One woman said, “My husband is so discouraged with the work of the church.” The other woman said, “Why, my husband was saying just the other day how encouraged he was about the work.” Silence again fell over the room as […]

Watch Out for Anger

Anger is not inherently sinful. Observe that God often has been angry with righteous indignation: Deuteronomy 29:27-28. Therefore the anger of the Lord was kindled against this land, bringing upon it all the curses written in this book, and the Lord uprooted them from their land in anger and fury and great wrath, and cast […]

Truths to Remember Amidst Transgender Controversy

Astonishing confusion has arisen in our culture concerning gender. Let us allow the Bible and common sense to ground our thinking and our appeals to others. While the Bible does not mention transgenderism, here are some truths to remember: God, as Creator, assigns gender. “So God created man in his own image, in the image […]

Be a Self-Starter

When the apostle Peter summarized the earthly life of Christ, he used these words: “He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.” Jesus went about doing good (Acts 10:38). I wonder if it could it be said of each of us, that we go […]

Temporal Stewardship

We sometimes sing a song with the following lyrics, written by Ruth Johnson Carruth: “Swiftly we’re turning life’s daily pages. Swiftly the hours are changing to years. How are we using God’s golden moments? Shall we reap glory, or shall we reap tears?” This song urges us to be “making the best use of the time” […]

Special Debate Broadcast Upcoming

At Macland Road, we emphasize Bible learning so that we may learn to “speak where the Bible speaks” and “be silent where the Bible is silent.” Passages that show the need for this learning include Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 2:15, and 1 Peter 4:11. Paul urged the Thessalonians to “test everything; hold fast what is […]

Is Marriage Still Important?

As our society continues to become more secular, the biblical model of the family continues to be marginalized. One of the ways in which this has become evident is in our culture’s view of marriage. The Bible clearly teaches the following about marriage: Marriage is between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24). Marriage is […]

Macland’s Progress: Search Begins for a Youth and Family Minister

These are exciting times at Macland Road for many reasons. We have a growing, diverse membership, a large youth group with dedicated parents, and a wide range of opportunities to do evangelism, edification, and benevolence. One more reason why Macland’s future is bright is the following news: The elders are glad to announce that we […]

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